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The Ultimate Coloring Experience  delivered to your door every month.

Mindful Coloring Box features the first-ever

"Guided Meditation Coloring Book" .

Each box is a different theme. You also get a "Coloring Project" with note cards, postcards and tiles to color and share.

Color your stress away!


Your monthly box includes a sample set of art supplies in coordinated colors. We give you something new to try each month.

Welcome to the ultimate coloring experience!

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Coloring is proven to reduce stress.

We agree! And we take it a step farther with a box full of positive perspectives. Our life coach can't help herself. Coloring organically activates mindfulness, and our goal is to help you relieve the stress of life with the ultimate coloring experience.


Self-care is the #1 recommended focus by wellness professionals.

We give you a "Spa Day in a Coloring Box!"  Give yourself the nourishing gift of self-care with every coloring project. Nourish yourself by spending time with others while you color.  We make it easy for your soul to thrive.


Coloring enhances creativity and strengthens focus.

You might develop new superpowers!  Unplug and let your creative side emerge as you color yourself out of the over-stimulation of every day life.  You'll notice benefits right away.


Taking time out to meditate nourishes your soul.

If you search "benefits of meditation" on the internet, you'll see why we put it into our box. Coloring + Meditation is the ultimate soul nourishing combination. Doesn't matter if you color for 5 min. or 5 hrs., it's a mindfulness practice guaranteed to be nourishing.

What is the Mindful Coloring Box?

Designed by a Life Coach with a background as a Professional Artist, we bring you MINDFULNESS and Coloring all in one box.

Mindful Coloring Box is a well thought-out solution to take adult coloring to the next level.

Color yourself RELAXED with your monthly box - featuring a new Guided Meditation Theme every month.

Our designs are fulfilling and enjoyable to color – never tedious or repetitive, never too cramped or busy. We want you to get beautiful results from your coloring time, inside and out. We keep it simple and "in the flow".

* Start your collection of "Guided Meditation Coloring Books" you can use over and over.

* Share your projects that come in your "Project Folder" such as note cards, postcards, collectible tiles, and more.

* Each new monthly theme is designed with your personal growth in mind.

The “frosting on the cake” is our curated sample set of art supplies – now you can experiment with new ways to color every month.

We encourage you to try new color combinations, and new ways of combining different tools to color with.

Let yourself be happily surprised by trying new things. . . .

Your art supplies stay fresh .  We eliminate wasting money on art supplies that under-perform or being confused about which supplies are best!

Start your collection with our exciting colors and discover your inner artist :)

No matter what level of experience you have with art, color and techniques, we make it easy, fun and inspiring.

Our mindful approach makes coloring your go-to choice for self care and relaxation.                                                   You'll be thrilled to open you box every month!

How it works

1. Choose your Subscription Plan

You can subscribe monthly, or save with our subscription packages of 3, 6 or 12 months.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Get ready for Mindful Smiles!

2. Boxes arrive the FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH

Place your order before the end of the month to receive your first box the following month.

Imagine the thrill of a new box every month! Each new theme is a boost to your heart and soul. New art supplies, new designs, a new meditation, and more.

Start your collection today.

3. Enjoy Coloring AND Meditating together!

Each Guided Meditation Coloring Book is great to use for a morning motivation or an evening relaxation.

Your collection is your "go-to resource" for personal growth and well-being.

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  • Relaxation
  • A Positive Perspective
  • The Joy of Being Present
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Me-Time Pleasures
  • Creativity Access

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Raving Fans of Mindful Coloring Box

“The coloring meditation book gives me a daily practice I can do in minutes. I keep it by my bed and love taking some relaxing time to color before going to sleep. This is like a self-care party in a box!

Debbie Leoni, Coach and Meditation Teacher - Geneva, IL

Each box gives me such a creativity boost! I feel intimidated by the overwhelming selection of coloring books that I know I'll never finish before getting tired of them . . . I love how each page feels hand-drawn and is NOT BUSY so I can totally enjoy coloring it.

Joanna Daley,  Busy Mom-Entrepreneur, Denver CO

I have meditated regularly for years, and this new combination of coloring and meditation is spectacular.  If you're looking to add more meditation to your life, this is an excellent choice!"

Karl Palachuk,  Author of "Relax Focus Succeed", Sacramento CA